Where's the Windows version of GRANULIZER?

You actually don't need it. GRANULIZER 2 is available now, and supports Windows 10. GRANULIZER 1 was built for the macOS platform, specifically.

How do I get it?

You need to create an account with us, before you can get GRANULIZER 1. The account system is very helpful in managing and sending activations. After that, just add to cart and checkout, like you would do in any online shop.

What kind of licensing scheme do you use for your plugins?

It's simple challenge/response activation, based on your machine's unique id. We believe it's a fairly standard, non-intrusive scheme. Disagree? Voice your opinion here.

How many machines can I install a plugin on?

Three. If you change your setup, contact us to provide you with a renewed activation key.

Which hosts / OS's are supported?

The plugin has been tested in Logic Pro X and Ableton live, and macOS 10.10 - 10.13.

GRANULIZER has this bug / doesn't work / is broken / etc

GRANULIZER 1 is on a bug-fix mode. No new versions will be released. GRANULIZER 2 is the new kid in town, go and take a look on what you're missing. If you still think you found something that is stopping you from using GRANULIZER 1 on the supported DAWs and macOS versions, take a deep breath and send your concerns via our contact form here. We're more than happy to help.