How can I try GRANULIZER 2?

You can download a trial version from the GRANULIZER 2 page. The plug-in will remain in tryout mode until you purchase it and authorize it.


How do I get GRANULIZER 2?

You need to create an account with us, before you can get GRANULIZER 2. The account system is very helpful in managing and sending activations. After that, just add to cart and checkout, like you would do in any online shop. After that you will be able to see the available downloads on your profile.


Why am I getting a warning during the installation?

There is a possibility that your system (Windows or macOS) will prevent GRANULIZER 2 from installing. 

  • On macOS you should go to Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> General and select Open Anyway.
  • On Windows if the installation is disabled by the Windows smart screen select run anyway.

We are in the process of registering as Identified Developers both on Apple and Microsoft in order to resolve this issue as soon as possible.


What kind of licensing scheme do you use for your plugins?

It's simple challenge/response activation, based on your machine's unique id. We believe it's a fairly standard, non-intrusive scheme. Disagree? Voice your opinion here.


How many machines can I install a plugin on?

Three. If you change your setup, contact us to provide you with a renewed activation key.


Which hosts / OSs and plug-in formats are supported?

  • Windows 10: VST/VST3 64 bit. Ableton Live, Bitwig, Reaper.
  • macOS 10.12 - 10.14: VST/VST3/AU 64bit. Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Bitwig, Reaper.


What is the preferred host buffer size?

That depends on the overall load of your project. If you experience glitches or MIDI sync warnings (Logic Pro X), use a larger buffer size (256 or 512).


What audio file formats are supported?

Granulizer 2 supports the majority of the audio formats available like wav, aiff, mp3, flac, ogg and caf (macOS only).


What is the maximum audio duration supported?

Granulizer 2 does not impose any limitation regarding the audio file duration that is loaded. On the other hand it is not intended to be used with very large audio files, as all the data will be loaded on the RAM, to maximize responsiveness. If your computer can support it, go for it. We have tested with audio files that last about 30' on a lenovo x230 with 8gb of RAM running Windows 10 and things worked as expected.


What about CPU Consumption?

The plug-n is designed to use the CPU with efficiency and has been created with optimized math and DSP libraries. However there is cases that the plug-in can consume a fair CPU amount. CPU consumption varies with sample rate, polyphony, SIZE, DENSITY, and SPEED parameters. This can be more perceivable when high SIZE, DENSITY & SPEED have high values and the FX section is active. These parameters can deliberately take extreme values in order to push the time stretch and spectral manipulation abilities of the plug-in to the limits, on computers that can handle it. Keeping these parameters below the 3/4 of their maximum value will result in less CPU cycles consumption.


What about Memory Consumption?

When an audio file is loaded to the plugin, it is resampled so that it matches the sample rate of the host. All of the audio data is kept in RAM so that you get the maximum responsiveness when a loop area is selected or when the audio file is reversed. This means that large audio files and high sample rates may consume a significant amount of memory. The plug-in is not intended to use large audio files, but there is no restriction imposed on file size currently. As long as there is enough RAM to handle large audio files the plug-in is working as intended. A 30 minute stereo audio file at 96kHz consumes about 4 GBof memory.


GRANULIZER 2 has this bug / doesn't work / is broken / etc

Take a deep breath and send your concerns via our contact form here. We care about the quality of our products and we'll do our utmost to solve any defects. Keep in mind that we are cursed perfectionists, so give us a moment to go over your message in detail and get back to you.