Starting today 27th of December, GRANULIZER 2.4 is available on


User defined presets folder

With multiple packages and custom presets taking a good amount of space, you want to be able to control where all that data is stored.


Native Apple Silicon support

macOS users will be happy to make use of those sweet processors to their full capabilities!


Kafka theme

Along with the summer theme shown above, we went the complete opposite direction.

- How dark do you want it?

- Yes...

GRANULIZER 2.4 - Kafka theme


License based authorization

No longer you need to worry if you wrote your email correctly, or copied the correct key.

You can just download your license file, drag & drop it, done!

The old method is still around for users who are still upgrading from version 2.3.0.



  • User defined presets folder
  • Native Apple Silicon support
  • License based authorization
  • Offline authorization support
  • Kafka theme
  • Summer theme
  • Improved X11 compatibility
  • Improved graphics performance for Windows & Linux
  • Native CoreGraphics on macOS
  • Notifying the user if a preset is missing its audio sample
  • Fixed parameter display not updating properly on hover
  • Fixed volume smoothing
  • Fixed sample rate conversion
  • Fixed parameters not updating properly when the GUI is hidden
  • Speed up of the granular engine
  • Safer loading of audio samples
  • Safer switching of presets
  • Faster package downloads
  • Fixed downloading issue of the Friction package


This is a free upgrade for all existing GRANULIZER 2 owners.


New Year Sale!

GRANULIZER 2.4 & Inertia Bundle will be on a 50% discount until the 8th of January.


Our Wish

May 2023 bring whatever you're looking for. On our end we'll make sure to provide you with the tools to be creative & enjoy making what makes you sonically happy!

Tuesday, 27 December, 2022