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Starting from the 1st of March, GRANULIZER 2.1 will be available on

Grain Visual Feedback

Instead of just hearing it, you can now see the magic of how the grains react with your music. We've implemented a subtle visualization, that is informative but doesn't pull your focus.

Waveform Fine Controls

You asked us, for more control of what's happening with the loop you're using.

The waveform sidebar does just that:

  • Quickly open a file.
  • Enable the visual feedback.
  • Zoom in, into your loop selection.
  • Normalize the audio.
  • Fine select the start and end of your loop.
  • Lock its size.

Grain Envelope

Hovering over the SHAPE knob of the ENGINE, gives you a visual representation of the envelope.

"Hot" Knobs

Knobs that push the machine too hard will change hue.

More Improvements

  • Parameterized loop start and loop length, they can now be host automated and midi assigned.
  • Extended the Preset Library from 28 presets, to 60.
  • Fixed missing audio in "Memory Fade" preset.
  • AU presets are recalled correctly.
  • Minor CPU opts.

10 of the new presets are designed by TheMute, and we're really thankful for that. If you have presets that you would like to be included in a future release, don't hesitate to contact us.

Sunday, 17 February, 2019